Our Fitzrovia branch has now moved to Lamb's Conduit Street. Please visit us there.

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Our Fitzrovia branch has now moved to Lamb's Conduit Street. Please visit us there.

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The World's Most Advanced Eye Exam is here

Over the best part of two decades, Alex has created a custom level of eye examination which is now The Eye Place standard. Taking place in The Eye Place's Eye Lab, The Comprehensive Plus Exam harnesses the full power of specialist eye health technology, analysed by our highly experienced and knowledgeable Optometrists, making it one of the most comprehensive eye examinations in the world.

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We’re experts in matching faces up to their perfect frames! From super premium brands to on trend luxury must-haves and to mid range and budget names we have your perfect match.

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Contact Lenses

Sometimes life’s just easier without glasses. Our range of contacts promote not only excellent vision but you can choose them to fit in with your life.

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The Eye Place - Fitzrovia

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Kate Baumli


Edit - the team have reached out to me and refunded me a lot of money as they accidentally charged me way too much for the contacts, so the price wasn't as outrageous as I originally thought (though we did call earlier to try and double check that the price was right as it seemed unreasonably expensive and they said that was just how much they cost). The manager who refunded me apologized and explained to me that they are in the process of training new staff who were confused about the process and costs, and I have revised my review score to reflect this. I appreciated them reaching out to correct their mistake as soon as they realized what had happened and I understand that mistakes do happen from time to time, so I wouldn't let this review affect your decision of coming to The Eye Place. Original review: Nice enough place, the optician was very friendly and competent in the eye exam, but the mark up they place on lenses is ridiculous. They charge over 3X as much as other places for the exact same brand and prescription and at every step of the way they try to up-sell you more products and services, try to get you to come back quicker, purchase their direct debit program to be locked into their services for 18 months, etc.

3 years ago

karol walczak


Full eye test is about £105 so its a bit pricey. The staff is friendly and polite. I end up with the bill for £400 just for lenses and almost full eye test. ONE Machine wasn't working so my eye test was £70. No frames included in this price. Frames are additional £190 and up. I have to cancel order for lenses because it's too much money for me and they offered a discount of £105 but I cancelled anyway. Its a nice place to go if you can afford it. 4 stars for telling me if I take the full test that will be £70 but it turns out you want to charge me £105 for revisiting to finish test on machine which wasn't working on that time.

4 years ago

Simon Barber


What a lovely shopping experience. Was specifically looking for Matsuda sunglasses and had previously gone to Eye Company in Soho (another stockist) and basically disregarded and met with little enthusiasm and assistance. Stark contrast in here. Three members of staff offering excellent and knowledgable advice and very friendly. Amazing shopping experience. Will be back for my next glasses frames. Cannot recommend highly enough. Good work guys.

4 years ago

NG Hawie


I visited this place to get two pairs of glasses tightened. The screws on the arms had come loose and when I put the glasses on they slid down my face. The man in the shop was so welcoming and friendly. They also had a nice selection of sunglasses which I'll look at again when it stops raining!

5 years ago