• Introducing Alex.

    The Eye Place is an independent opticians, owned and operated by Alex Kemp, a third generation optometrist. Working on the philosophy to provide a 'different level of eye care', The Eye Place has spent the last decade building an enviable reputation founded on using state of the art and cutting edge technology.

    The Advanced Eye Examination is bespoke to The Eye Place that allows Alex and his team of optometrists to view fully and detect significantly earlier eye diseases and associated systemic diseases. Early diagnosis means any cause for concern can be acted on rapidly. Alex describes himself not only as an optometrist but also as a data collector, and the better the data he holds about your eye health, the more accurately and earlier he will find any changes that might occur. Alex has always believed in the use of top level technology to monitor eye health and struggles to believe that the majority of eye exams undertaken in the UK still do not offer digital technology to record and contrast eye examination results as standard.

    Our Locations
    Belsize Park/Fleet Street/Fitzrovia/Bakewell/Dore

  • Belsize Park

    Whether you’re after contact lenses, designer and bespoke frames or just an eye exam and some professional advice. Customers of The Eye Place enjoy modern, state of the art, and cutting edge technology to make sure your eyes stay in the pink of health. With both the Optomap and MPod testing facilities, superior results are produced and comfort and ease go hand in hand.

    Masterminded by Alex Kemp, a third generation Optician who has worked as a Optometrist in London before returning to Derbyshire to open the original The Eye Place. He has experience and qualifications with the newest eye examination techniques and the latest spectacle and contact lens designs.

  • Fleet Street

    A story of most distinguished happenings since 1912. Established by a leading partnership Gregory & Seeley Opticians through the age of the press barons and Fleet St journalists to the age of law and finance. With this in mind The Eye Place is known as the purveyor of excellence for those seeking top notch and exacting standards of care and expertise. We are facilitators of individual style in pursuit of bespoke looks and are famous for some of the most exquisite wooden and buffalo horn eyewear available. We are known for our expertise in leading eye health through our World class eye examinations.

  • Fitzrovia

    The borough of Fitzrovia first found its name recorded in a gossip column in the 'Daily Express' back in 1940 and is still proud to demonstrate two of London's oldest surviving residential walkways. Built in 1759, Newman Passage is just a few steps away.

    Fitzrovia was once historically linked to distinguished writers, well-to-do tradesmen and craft workshops. It is now characterised by its mixed use businesses, education, media and retail fields. Fitzrovia has recently been listed to be in the 'midst of things' and 'the place to be', to which it is now also the proud new scene to The Eye Place. The Sunday Times called Fitzrovia ‘the best place to live in London’ and with our warm and welcoming ambience we sure feel at home here.

    Popularly known as the Urban Village, Alex Kemp has managed to perfectly bring the need for a trendy, upmarket take on the spectacle monopoly, working beside the most advanced Eye examination equipment available on the market today. With historical pubs next to chic coffee houses, Fitzrovia is known as ‘historic London with a modern twist’ making it the perfect place for The Eye place as we combine classic style with state of the art technology, helping to give you and your eyes an extra level of care.

  • Bakewell

    Hailing back to the grand old age of 1720 the business of premium eye care was carried out on the location of the current day Eye Place. Records tell us that our building housed a business which manufactured “spectacles and eyeglasses of a very high standard” under the expertise of one Mr James Woodcock.

    Around 1902 the business was renamed and guided through the ages by the good name of Mr & Mrs Pepper. The stars aligned and we acquired the business from Mr John Pepper Esq. In 2006, Great Great Great Grandson of said founding Peppers. We've made Bakewell our spiritual home ever since, using our countryside abode to facilitate and springboard our commitment to beautiful interiors, state of the art and cutting edge technology and World class eye examinations throughout all of our locations.

  • Dore

    The Duke of Devonshire, from Chatsworth, acquired the Manor of Dore in the 1780s, with this came the embodiment of the railroads. Dore soon thrived into the village it is today, offering characteristic dwellings and a charming collection of stores, the Eye place to be the newest, welcomed edition. The eye place is an extremely attractive, modern practice; a far cry from the clinical reminiscences of a standard opticians. Dore welcomes the neat, warm interior and reflects its artistic sophistication in design onto its assortment of spectacle frames, accommodating all budgets.

    The Eye Place, thrives its self with offering the newest in state of the art technology, alongside a dedicated long-term commitment to individual patient care and needs. The superior level of eye care and eye wear is devoted to you by Alex Kemp and is professional team, perfectly balancing the cutting edge equipment, with the exclusive, personal approach.