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Our 2020 Vision

The recent restrictions we have all faced have influenced every facet of our lives and therefore ultimately affected how our day to day will look moving forwards! 

One particular aspect of our normal lives are the routine check-ups we all need to help maintain general health and wellbeing. It can therefore be a little daunting when faced with the prospect of an eye examination! Within the world of optics there are a myriad of tests and examinations done to investigate and interpret a host of eye related problems and provide visual correction. Many of these requiring yourselves and the Optometrist to be in close proximity of one another. However, through the advanced technology and software available at The Eye Place we can not only provide a far more advanced evaluation of your eyes health but also do so while promoting a good understanding of the necessity for social distancing. 

One of the most particularly important parts of an eye examination is reviewing the back surface of the eye, referred to as the retina. The assessment of this surface helps screen for a number of issues within the eye and is also a space which can amplify a number of general health concerns, as well as certain neurological changes due to its close sensory links to brain function.

At The Eye Place we have the capabilities to investigate this area with two very highly developed pieces of equipment, the first of which being the Optomap.

The Optomap is a retinal scanner which provides an exceptionally large field of view of the retinal surface (as much as 85-90%!). The field of view provided helps us see the peripheral areas of the retina, checking for any signs of tears, detachments of abnormal growth or pigmentation. Whilst illustrating the in-depth vascular input to the eye which can outline not only the presence of a bleed or obstructed vessel, but more accurately quantify the size and origin of the damage. 

The Optomap is now recommended as part of our eye examination to all our patients regardless of age as it provides us with not only a wonderful insight but a reference point for all future examinations. After all, our eyes are completely unique! 


Our second piece of equipment furthering our eye exams is the OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography). The OCT allows us to look deeper at the two areas at the back of the eye that are most vulnerable to age related change, the optic nerve head (damaged in glaucoma) and the macular (affected by macular degeneration). The OCT provides us with exact quantitative data of the thickness and detail of the layers comprised in these structures, which allow us to track progression or change within the eyes at whatever speed it is occurring!

Both the Optomap and OCT are conducted at a safe distance by our clinical staff and are reviewed and evaluated by our optometrists without having to make any physical contact between either party.


Our practices have taken several steps outside of the exam room to keep our patients safe in accordance with government guidelines. These include appointment consultations for spectacle selection and collections with our dedicated dispensing team, the use of PPE by all staff and providing patients with PPE, and thorough cleaning regimes of frames and equipment.

We also appreciate that a lot of our more vulnerable patients may still feel uncomfortable leaving the house, so please be aware that phone consultations over minor concerns can be scheduled. We can also arrange for eye examinations to take place with no one else entering the premises and to have spectacles or other products posted direct to you if that is your preference.

Whether you are a new or existing patient please be aware that we are available to help with any concern so feel free to get in contact and arrange a consultation at a time that suits you.


Peace of mind at a safe distance!